Billie Eilish Collaborates With Jordan to Bring Classic Black Hex Mule Slide

Billie Eilish Collaborates With Jordan to Bring Classic Black Hex Mule Slide

As she blooms into a young woman, Billie Eilish is making one thing sure that the upcoming time is hers. The pop singer who turned 21 last recently is doing so much more than singing. It was last year when she collaborated with Nike for a new shoe series.

The brand took out shoes in the signature color of Eilish which is green. But there is something different with these shoes that Billie Eilish has partnered with Nike for. Moreover, she has recently launched a new series of footwear that is going viral for its unique shape style, and color.

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What is special about the footwear Billie Eilish is promoting?

Billie Eilish is someone who has changed the definition of pop music in the world. With her brother Finnas Baird O’Connell, she constantly works on the tracks that get viral as soon as they are out. However, there are two more things that this star promotes who grew out of her teen years lately.

The very first of those is veganism. The artist is said to be following veganism for about 8 years now which means she stopped consuming animal products when she was 12. The second thing for which she has been in the news lately is her climate change movement. She is very concerned about the changing climate around us and has partnered up with lots of people, magazines, and brands to work in the direction of adverse effects of climate change.

Hence, when Eilish collaborated with Nike, she asked them to create footwear that is environment-friendly and stylish altogether. These shoes are also animal friendly so you do not have to worry about any kind of animal violence. According to Vegan First, she collaborated with two of Nike’s Air Jordans in 2021 – the green AJKO 1 and a light brown Air Jordan 15.

Although she has previously collaborated with the brand, this time it is something different. This time she has partnered with Nike’s Jordan for an all-black Hex Mule slide which will be made available soon. The price set for the footwear is $65 dollars a pair.

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The idea of environment-friendly shoes is really unique and will help in promoting awareness amongst people. Will you be willing to buy these sliders? Tell us in the comments.

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