Before Urging Fans to Turn Vegan, Billie Eilish Preached Another Lifestyle Change Right Before Thanksgiving

Before Urging Fans to Turn Vegan, Billie Eilish Preached Another Lifestyle Change Right Before Thanksgiving

Billie Eilish is urging people to turn vegan. The 20-year-old went vegan at the age of twelve. She discovered the atrocities of the meat and dairy industry and decided to quit eating it. In addition, her mother Maggie Baird, who is almost a celebrity for her vegan activism, also became an influence on her.

Eilish has been one of the celebrities to voice her opinion on climate change and more humane steps toward animals. She recently took on social media to promote ideas of veganism. But before that, there was another lifestyle that she wanted people to pick.

Billie Eilish promotes breaking Thanksgiving traditions and veganism

Billie Eilish is urging people to go vegan, but she also wanted people to adopt another lifestyle once: to not eat turkey during Thanksgiving. Earlier this month, in an Instagram post, the singer wrote about turkeys and how these gentle creatures are killed every Thanksgiving, about 46 million of them. “I know it’s hard to change traditions but just keep it in mind 🙂 (sic),” wrote Eilish. The Grammy winner even teamed up with Joaquin Phoenix, Ricky Gervais, Dave Bautista, and Margaret Cho to sign a petition last year.

The petition was a request to the current President Joe Biden to break old traditions to let a pardoned turkey stay at Farm Sanctuary. The farm had offered to take care of the pardoned turkeys. The activist also urges taking measures for a better planet. While setting an example, she would share recipes of guilt-free vegan treats, such as cookies made of peanut butter or oats. In a video posted to Instagram, she spoke of her journey to veganism and even addressed the climate crisis.

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The No Time To Die singer wants everyone to focus on a more plant-based diet. Alot of vegan recipes use Tofu turkey as an alternative to meat. Meanwhile, activists like Eilish also want to push more vegan options in school for kids as part of the Climate-Friendly School Food Program campaign. Vegans argue that veganism ensures both help to climate and mercy to animals.

What do you think of Billie Eilish’s idea of no turkey and veganism? Comment your thoughts.

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