Billie Eilish Starts a Climate Campaign Where She Wants the World to Become Vegan

Billie Eilish Starts a Climate Campaign Where She Wants the World to Become Vegan

Billie Eilish gained the attention of music lovers with her first single hit Ocean Eyes about seven years ago. While the singer also won the hearts of her fans as she is always open about her lifestyle choices. In several interviews, you might have seen her talking about her personal life. From dressing to music to what she eats the American musician tells everything to fans.

And if you are one of her ardent followers you would know that the 20-year-old star is a vegan. She grew up vegetarian and is a staunch advocate of the plant-based diet. One of the reasons involves she loves animals and does not like how lives are harmed by animal-based products. Following this belief for years now, she has started a Climate Campaign where she wants the world to become vegan.

Billie Eilish supports a vegan lifestyle and asks people to try it

Billie Eilish recently showed her support to Friends of the Earth as part of its Climate-Friendly School Food Program campaign. In a recent video shared by Plant Based News on Instagram, this iconic singer opened up about the treatment of animals in food products which made her choose veganism. Moreover, she added that animal agriculture is highly affecting climate change nowadays.

“Shifting our diets towards more plant-based foods can have a major impact on climate change,” explained Eilish in the video. So she wants the people of the world to help in saving the planet by preferring a plant-based diet.

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The James Bond singer used her platform to support the initiative taken by the FoE campaign. As the organization is currently aiming to serve about five billion school meals every year.

Meanwhile, if you do not know Billie Eilish has previously taken initiative about vegan food and the climate emergency. As the singer ran a campaign during her Happier Than Ever world tour to encourage her fans to become vegan. There was an Action Village at every concert location where people could join climate-friendly pledges.

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What do you think about this young artist seizing opportunities to help the environment and human life? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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