Billie Eilish Catches Eyeballs for an Almost Bare-looking T-shirt

Billie Eilish Catches Eyeballs for an Almost Bare-looking T-shirt

Apart from her music, one thing Billie Eilish is known for is her dressing style. When the 21-year-old singer started in the industry, she became popular for her iconic green hair and baggy clothes. She has maintained her unique dressing style since the beginning of her career and people often recognize it as “Billie Eilish clothing.”

The Happier than Ever singer is spotted a lot outside the gym for quite some time now. Now and then, she can be seen leaving the gym while holding a big water bottle and sporting casual clothes. However, this time, Eilish wore something that will amuse you.

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Why is this gym outfit of Billie Eilish grabbing attention?

Recently, Billie Eilish was seen running errands in a unique splashy t-shirt. The optical illusion t-shirt that she wore had bare breasts imprinted on it. The pop star paired it with brown body-hugging shorts while she carried a black backpack. She tied her hair in the form of a high ponytail and covered them with a black baseball cap. Apparently, Eilish is not afraid of doing experiments with her clothing.

Overall, the look was very casual and funky, and the singer was completely rocking the r-rated t-shirt. Notably, this is not the first time the vegan singer has worn an eye-catching outfit. For instance, she wore a night suit last year along with her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford while they did their red carpet debut as a couple. Both of them were spotted wrapped in a blanket as they entered the Film Gala in Los Angeles.

A while ago she got a photoshoot done in which she was wearing all-black lingerie. Billie Eilish posted multiple pictures of herself wearing it on her Instagram with the caption “You’re looking right at me”.


Meanwhile, the singer mentioned that she initially wore the baggy t-shirts because she was ashamed of her body, especially her heavy breasts. However, she has happily accepted her body now and, in fact, cannot wait to meet her future self. She is trying to break her image as a person who just wears baggy clothes and is ready to embrace her female curves.

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Did you struggle through your body during your teenage years just like Eilish? Tell us in the comments.

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