Is Netflix Going Live With Stand-up Specials and Unscripted Series? Will You Now Be Live Streaming Shows on the OTT Giant?

Is Netflix Going Live With Stand-up Specials and Unscripted Series? Will You Now Be Live Streaming Shows on the OTT Giant?

Netflix has not deviated from its model of releasing all the episodes at once, and it has only helped the streamer in the past. It has kept itself afloat with other platforms that don’t necessarily follow the model. Binge-watching a newly dropped series is only possible because all the episodes are made available at once. But since the streamer’s downfall, it has considered expanding its model to include other variations in its release model for better revenue. Netflix live streaming is one.

Netflix’s experiments with different release models

In the past, Netflix has experimented with releasing shows in batches. ‘The Circle‘ was released in batches because it was a reality show dropping slowly as the season progressed. It has also released a few of its Originals like ‘Stranger Things‘, ‘Money Heist‘ and now ‘Ozark‘ in two parts; mainly because the hype of the show would die down if they released it all at once.

There are multiple reasons for a show’s death; one is social media spoilers, which give away the end and stop many from finishing the show. The only option here is to find ways to not release in chunks.

It’s one remedy for all causes

Netflix is to introduce the live streaming feature as a fresh addition to its already sparse collection of content. The feature comes in handy with reality shows that are Netflix Originals; like The Circle or the upcoming dance reality show, Dance 100. 

They will also be able to incorporate live voting within the streaming, which could raise worldwide fandom for a show. It would also serve as the perfect watching experience for stand-up shows, news shows like ‘The Patriot Act’ and even concerts.

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Netflix anyway is a common exposure for the world, it’s where people from different countries and ideologies find a common ground at. Live streaming will enhance that experience. As people from all corners of the world will watch something at the same time, and talk about it on social media. The move has the strength to bring back Netflix’s falling revenue and its lost subscriptions.

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The current Netflix live event, ‘Netflix is a Joke’, could have been live-streamed if the feature existed. But people can only hope for Netflix to bring the feature in time for ‘Netflix is a Joke 2′; so fans can teleport to LA and watch their favorite artists live.

Other content that would go on live-stream is reunions of shows, non-original TV reality shows, and maybe even sports. Anything is hard to say as of now because Netflix is said to be working on the basic stages of the feature; there is no launch date in sight.

Would you be someone who prefers the live-streaming feature on Netflix? Let us know what are your thoughts in the comments below.

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