Netflix Live Streaming on YouTube: The Baby-Sitters Club Clips, DIY Fashion Tips and More

Netflix Live Streaming on YouTube: The Baby-Sitters Club Clips, DIY Fashion Tips and More

The Baby-Sitters Club has been the talk of the town, with fans going all mushy over the cute teenage group of businesswomen. They just can’t get enough of them. Netflix understood it and put together the lead cast of the show in a live session on YouTube. Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, and the rest of the group recapped season 1, watched clips of season 2, gave away fashion tips, and much more in this amazing and fun live session! The group of these amazing girls is actually so bright and joyful that you would want nothing but more content from them.

The YouTube Live session

The lead cast of the show includes Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Shay Rudolph, and Malia Baker; along with Vivian Watson, Alicia Silverstone, Sophia Reid-Gantzert, and Anais Lee. All of them came together on a YouTube Live session to talk about their favorite moments and memories from the show.


The cast also sat together and watched some clips from the latest season. They went on to play some fun games where they had to prove whether they knew their friends and colleagues. But wait! The session has not yet stopped giving just yet.

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The Babysitters Club and its tips to a cool school life

Each of the characters in the show can very well be a style icon; be it the clothes, accessories, or hair, the club always leaves a mark. The cast was happy enough to shower their knowledge upon everyone, and during the live session, they gave fashion tips to everyone. The group just helped everyone get ready for a weird and crazy school year, to be honest.

While some things are universal, others are very particular with people or shows. The babysitters have their own perks and beautiful traits, be it cool fabric stamps, really beautiful and aesthetic floral bookmarks, super adorable earrings, and much more; they really just sat down and revealed all the steps to create your own stuff similar to the characters from the show, so amazing right?

So get ready for a new year at school, with the BSC by your side.

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