Is Joe Keery Out To Take On Vecna With His Own Song “Change”?

Is Joe Keery Out To Take On Vecna With His Own Song “Change”?

Stranger Things is set in the classic era of the 80s when country music and heavy metal was the most popular genre that influenced people worldwide, including the song Running Up The Hill by Kate Bush, which we heard in the heart-wrenching episode of season 4. Now, it seems the new release by our multi-talented actor and musician Joe Keery has revived the soul of that electric pop with a modern fusion in it.

Keery releases his music under the name Djo and his recent single ‘Change’ has fans loving it for its exhibit of heavy metal processed in a soft sound. It’s been two years since the musician’s last song was released. And now he is back in action, with ‘Change’ posted on YouTube’s official page on June 22, 2022. 

Joe Keery makes a musical comeback with ‘Change’

Joe Keery is known for a lot of things: being the best babysitter, his beautiful hair, and his bond with Dustin on Stranger Things. However, the actor is multi-talented and has a successful music career on the side. He started his career in music with his first album, ‘TWENTY TWENTY’ released in the year 2019. And after a hiatus, he is back with his new single ‘Change.’

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The statement added that the song is the analysis of human thoughts that Djo has brought into reality through sound. Moreover, Change is layered with synth each tune appealing to the emotions of the listener. It is part of the album, ‘Decide’ that Keery will be releasing on September 16 in collaboration with Adam Thein. 

Undoubtedly, this is a proud moment for not only Joe Keery but for us also being his hardcore fans. He has achieved so much fame in his 20s through his talent, which is definitely admirable. His last album even received a four-star review from NME’s Rhian Daly who called Keery “a musician of very high calibre who shouldn’t need other endeavours to get our attention,” in her review.

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Djo is ready for tours

Keery will be testing his new songs with a series of tours across the country. We have mentioned the dates below if you wish to hit some electric vibey music.

July 30 – Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL – SOLD OUT

July 31 – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL

Sept 17 – Sea, Hear, Now Festival – Asbury Park, NJ

Oct 15  – Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

The bop that ‘Change’ has the chance to become, we wonder if it will become the song Keery will use to fight against Stranger Things season 4 villain, Vecna. We already know the telekinetic bad guy has a weakness against music, especially someone’s music.

Listen to ‘Change’ and let us know if it is the song that will help you get away from Vecna’s grip.

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