Stranger Things’ Designated Babysitter Joe Keery Turns Reckless in His Next Action Flick, ‘Marmalade’

Stranger Things’ Designated Babysitter Joe Keery Turns Reckless in His Next Action Flick, ‘Marmalade’

Since Stranger Things is going to wind down after the premiere of Volume 2, Joe Keery is using the time to star in a new action film, Marmalade. The actor had gained widespread fame and an army of fans for his redemption arc in the sci-fi show. Although playing a prick in the first season, his character Steve quickly made a place in the fan’s heart after he struck an unlikely friendship with Dustin. 

Joe Keery is current filming at Jordan

The filming is taking place in Jordan, Minnesota. The Marmalade shoot will continue for three more weeks until the shoot wraps up. Joe Keery was spotted shooting with a crew in the sweltering heat. As per reports, it’s a low-budget action flick. So his time fighting off the Demobats and Demogorgons has finally paid off! 

We still don’t have much information about the people attached to the flick or the plotline. Hence we will have to wait for further information. 

Earlier, the crew had decided on shooting at Louisiana. But in the end, the producer suggested trying Minnesota. Keery’s flick is one of the six projects that the State Film Board approved. It comes right after the passing of the new bill that offers a 25% tax credit to TV and film productions for spending $100 million in the state.

The actor has also released a new single Change from his upcoming album, DECIDE

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Will Steve make it out alive in Strange Things season 4?

The risks that Steve is taking this season may prove fatal for the character. Shawn Levy had previously mentioned that he would walk out of the show if the Duffer brothers killed off Steve. But with the stakes so high, and Steve heavily wounded, speculations are rife that Steve may follow in Billy’s footsteps to save his friends and his former lover Nancy.  

Are you going to tune into Stranger Things Season 4 part 2 when it premieres on July 1?

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