Is Dora Jar the Next Big Thing? A Look Into the Pop Singer Who Opened a Billie Eilish Tour

Is Dora Jar the Next Big Thing? A Look Into the Pop Singer Who Opened a Billie Eilish Tour

Is Dora Jar the next Billie Eilish? The North Carolina singer rose to fame in a relatively short time. There have been a variety of pop culture music popping up in recent times. Adding to it is this bedroom pop musician who released her first single album just last year.

Her 2021 EP became the first breakthrough to have her voice and creativity heard. She made it to Vogue’s list of 22 Rising Musicians Set To Rule 2022. The twenty-four-year-old who is a Billie Eilish fan has already grabbed big opportunities, making people compare her to the Grammy-winning singer.

Dora Jar, who is a fan of Billie Eilish, also resembles her in many ways

The Spell singer may be a Billie Eilish fan, but she was in fact discovered by the Lovely singer once. Dora Jar, whose birth name is Dora Jankowski, won hearts with her mesmerizing angelic voice, which was also the case for young Eilish. The Gen Z artist bagged live performances and tours within a year of her first release. The No Time to Die Singer also became the youngest Glastonbury headline in London when she was just 20 years old.

During an interview with Nylon, the Bump singer revealed how she gave a live performance for the first time in front of 160 people in London. Just months after that, she bumped her career by performing in an arena: That was for opening a Billie Eilish music tour. She became the opening performer for all of Eilish’s Auckland tours with shared opportunities in Australia tours.

Apparently, the Happier Than Ever singer discovered her as she was in the crowd when Dora Jar gave her first live performance in London, and the latter became an instant fan.

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The Bumblebee singer added her latest song Spell and is already headlining now on a smaller scale while being content, no matter how it goes. The singer clearly believes in quality over quantity, since whatever little songs that she has released have been well received.

Do you think she is the next Billie Eilish? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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