Intriguing Facts You Did Not Know About Peaky Blinders

Intriguing Facts You Did Not Know About Peaky Blinders

It was back in 2013 that the world first saw Peaky Blinders, a show on BBC Two, with not-so-famous names and a little reputation. The world was not ready to take the show seriously. According to many, Cillian and the entire cast were not as scary given their boy-band-like look and costumes. Little did they know that 9 years down the lane, the series will have a cult-like following and a success so immense that it can be one of the best of recent times.

The show now stands just one episode away from its conclusion. And today it is more than just some show people watch on the TV and forget about. Peaky Blinders today is an amalgam of a plethora of things. With the haircuts, the suits, the style, the stories, and pubs and festivals themes around it, the BBC period drama is indeed one of the biggest shows of recent times. And in the same celebration spirit, here we look at some really interesting facts about the show and the people that work on it.

Interesting facts about Peaky Blinders

  • The show, Peaky Blinders, is actually inspired by the stories writer Steven Knight heard as a child in his home. His parent told him about these uncles of his father who lived in Small Heath and were infamously called the Peaky Blinders.
  • Steven Knight talked about how the Americans have mythologized people who work with horses and cattle and turned them into cowboys. And that was something he desired to do here in England. Thus, he created Peaky Blinders.

  • For show lead actor Cillian Murphy, it was also America that inspired him to look out for television shows to work in. After watching shows like The Wire, Cillian wished to work on TV. Hence, he asked his agent to look for something and was quickly connected to Peaky Blinders.
  • Cillian Murphy never did an audition for his role. But he met Steven Knight and had a cup of tea with him. Murphy famously sent a text to Steven that read: “Remember, I’m an actor,” in order to make him aware of the dedication he had to the role.
  • Sam Neill, who plays the role of Inspector Campbell in the series, only read a brief part of the script before agreeing to the role. He called his agent and said, “I don’t need to read anymore. I’m gonna do this.

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More fun facts about your favorite historical drama series

  • Cillian and Steven visited the Garrison pub before filming the show. They went there with Steven’s local friends and drank Guinness all day. They also saw the local people dancing, singing, and telling stories, which were indeed important for their show.
  • Murphy learned to ride horses bareback from real gypsies. Thanks to one of Steven’s brothers, who is a blacksmith and knows some gypsy families.
  • Love the signature haircut of Peaky Blinders? Well, Cillian Murphy was not so sure about it. Loz Schiavo, hair and makeup designer of the show, had to talk him around.


  • George Steel, the cinematographer, didn’t really like the name of the show at the beginning. “Oh my god, you’ve got to change the title of this – Peaky Blinders? It’ll never catch on. That’s the worst title of anything I’ve ever heard,” he said.
  • Cillian Murphy revealed he has a sort of man-crush on fellow Peaky Blinders co-star Sam Neill.

Let us know if you have some more interesting facts to share about the series. The last episode of Peaky Blinders Season 6 will air this Sunday. And a movie is also being planned which will be released.

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What are your theories for the finale? Tell us in the comments below?

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