Internet’s Favorite Couple Is Fake? Fans Come Out Against Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Romance

Internet’s Favorite Couple Is Fake? Fans Come Out Against Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Romance

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been the ideal Hollywood couple for a long time. And one of the things that make them couple goals is their hilarious comments, where they roast each other online, providing their fans with fun content every now and then.

Hence, apart from being fabulous actors, the couple has a fan base of their own just for being the flawless pair they are. But, for quite some time, some fans of this couple have been turning their backs on them, and the reason behind that might shock you.

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What is tearing apart the fans of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?

Although their humorous comments were not the only thing that made the couple’s fans admire them so much, one thing about them that keeps their fans hooked on the fairytale-like story is their simplicity, despite being international celebrities. The reason behind this aloofness of some fans is that they think Ryan and Blake might be “faking” it.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time rumors of a couple faking the glamour of their relationship have surfaced. According to a source, the couple has developed the habit of faking their happy life by only showing the good parts of their relationship and hiding the bad.

According to Your Tango, the debate on the couple being really happy or not began when a fan on Reddit bluntly asked, “Why do people love Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?”. It was a trick question to those who won’t stop going gaga over the perfect couple of Hollywood.

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Apparently, a major portion of the couple’s fans has had enough of them being perfect, or in the words of their fans, “pretending to be perfect.” It turns out their “picture-perfect” marriage is bothering their fans so much that it is hard for them to digest the fact that they are so normal.

Even though Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds try to keep their personal lives very private, whatever they portray has become an “act,” which has now grown stale for most of their fans.

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