Internet Divided Over a Major Comic Book Blunder of Henry Cavill’s Superman vs Ezra Miller’s Flash Race in ‘Justice League’

Internet Divided Over a Major Comic Book Blunder of Henry Cavill’s Superman vs Ezra Miller’s Flash Race in ‘Justice League’

The DC Comics character Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill, has gained a lot of love from fans. However, there are some fans who, just like the British actor, are defenders of the source material. Those who have read the original comics would have found many differences in the film. Therefore, a fan pointed out a major difference that Zack Snyder’s Justice League made. While some fans defended it, others pointed out the blunder from the different adaptations.

The 2017 superhero film didn’t do well at the Box office. However, loyal DC fans are in love with the characters and the comic books. Therefore, the social fan was flooded when a fan noticed the film’s post-credit scene and saw a change in the race between Superman and Flash. According to the comic book, Superman was supposed to run, not fly, when he and Flash met in the post-credit scene.

In Superman #199, by Jim Shooter Curt Swan, and George Klein, the Man of Steel and The Flash first raced. Both superheroes race more than once in good spirits to test their powers. In those friendly races, Superman defeated Flash as well. However, in the Justice League’s post-credit scene, Kal-El and Flash compete with each other as they save the planet from destruction. Some fans did not like this change made in the film from the comic book.

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Henry Cavill vs Ezra Miller: Fans react to the controversial race

While running, Superman flies instead of running. However, some fans defended him by saying he stayed closer to the ground so that Flash could keep an eye on him. And some fans referred to the original comic book and pointed out the difference in a neutral tone. Some even brought in the series, Arrowverse starring Grant Gustin as the Fastest Man Alive.

While some defended the filmmaker, others cited other references. Some even said the man with the cape walked a bit and then he started running. While others brought in the animated series as well.

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Tell us, did you also notice the difference? How do you see it? Have you read the original comic books? Share your opinions and observations with us in the comment box below.

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