‘In Good Hands’ on Netflix: Is the Tragic Turkish Tale of Motherhood Worth Watching? Check Reviews, Plot Cast, Trailer, and More

‘In Good Hands’ on Netflix: Is the Tragic Turkish Tale of Motherhood Worth Watching? Check Reviews, Plot Cast, Trailer, and More

The Ketche directorial on Netflix, In Good Hands, is about a sickly single mother who’s worried about her son’s future once she’s gone. This 2022 Turkish movie will remind you of similar other melodramas from the continent. Have You Ever Seen Fireflies comes to mind immediately when you watch this film. But is the movie worth your time? Let’s find out.

What is the plot of In Good Hands? 

Melisa is a single mother and a waitress. With only five months left to live, her only concern now is her six-year-old son, Can. Her world revolves around her son. The two lived together in a tiny apartment in Istanbul with only a thin curtain separating their two bedrooms. Their lives were without any drama until now. Melisa doesn’t inform her son about her impending death. Instead, she refuses to let him go to school because she knows how little time she has with him. 

Upon her co-worker Fatoş’ encouragement, Melisa considers dating just to find someone to take care of Can. One day, they meet a wealthy arrogant jerk, who makes insulting remarks. Melisa keeps coming across him in several places, over a few days and takes it as a sign of the universe. The relationship doesn’t begin right away and he doesn’t stop insulting her or her kid. However, the insults now became terms of endearment to them both. Melisa may think she found the perfect dad for Can, but who knows?

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Who’s in the cast?

  • Asli Enver as Melisa
  • Kaan Urgancıoğlu as Firat
  • Mert Ege Ak as Can
  • Ezgi Şenler as Fatoş

Does In Good Hands have an official Netflix trailer? 

Here’s the official Netflix trailer.


Decider writes: “SKIP IT. In Good Hands doesn’t pull it all together. It’s like it has an idea of what a movie should be, and forces drama and comedy into it instead of following the characters intuitively and flowing a little more like real life. When the movie allows that to happen, it’s thoughtful and sweet, but those moments are far too fleeting.”

According to Leisurebyte: “In Good Hands is a film that you can watch casually without much expectation & a bit of patience. Although dealing with a sensitive subject of death, it doesn’t become an absolute tear-jerker even at the end.” The movie acquired a rating of 5.6 on IMDb.

Will you stream In Good Hands on Netflix? Comments down below.

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