“I’m not crying like Tom Holland”: Millie Bobby Brown Takes a Dig at the Spiderman Star Just Before Things Got Spicier

“I’m not crying like Tom Holland”: Millie Bobby Brown Takes a Dig at the Spiderman Star Just Before Things Got Spicier

Apart from watching our favorite actors in movies and shows, the best thing to see is the fun interviews they do now and then. What adds more spice to these interviews is the additional gigs and things they do while they are on it. And one of the most famous and loved interview series is the First We Feast’s Hot Ones chicken wing challenge. Something that Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown took up.

A challenge that has been a rather sensation among all the celebrities was bound to give us moments that we will remember forever. And it did exactly that when Millie Bobby Brown trolled Spiderman actor, Tom Holland. Wondering what all went down during that interview? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Millie Bobby Brown takes a dig at Tom Holland on the Hot Ones chicken wing challenge

While there were many questions that Millie answered during this interview and a special guest appearance from Noah Schnapp, one thing caught our entire attention. And no, it has nothing to do with the recently released fourth season of the Netflix Original series. It was actually an instance where the Stranger Things actress took a dig at her fellow countryman and actor, Tom Holland.

Millie Bobby Brown, while eating the infamous spicy sauces with the wings, remembered the time when Tom Holland started crying after eating one of the hot sauces. I’m not saying I’m not feeling it, but at least I’m not crying like Tom Holland,” she told Sean before asking the crew on set “Is that bad [that I said that]?

We are not sure if both the British actors have some kind of inside joke going on between them. But it will be interesting if Tom actually answers Millie. However, the same sauce that made Tom shed tears also unsettled Millie to a great extent. Check out the whole interview if you haven’t already!

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Do you enjoy eating spicy food or do you start crying while eating it as well?

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