“They didn’t invite you on the show”: Millie Bobby Brown Mocks Noah Schnapp Making a Cameo on Her ‘Hot Ones’ Episode

“They didn’t invite you on the show”: Millie Bobby Brown Mocks Noah Schnapp Making a Cameo on Her ‘Hot Ones’ Episode

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have time and again displayed their real-life friendship behind the scenes. And they have done that again on the set of Hot Ones. Both of them are riding high on popularity after Stranger Things season 4 Volume 1 concluded. Millie plays fan-favorite Eleven and Noah plays the sensitive Will Byers. 

The fourth volume has Eleven moving to California with the Byers but she isn’t exactly doing well at school. After the events of last season, they don’t seem as close as before. Although Will is there for her every time she’s bullied, Will is almost treated like a third wheel when Mike arrives for Spring Break to visit Eleven. But that’s clearly not the case in real life.

Noah and Millie Bobby Brown bicker about their spice tolerance

Millie is known for liking spicy food. She regularly eats Macada from Crafty Dave and admits that she likes it a little hotter than usual. So her cameo on Hot Ones wasn’t all unusual, unlike Noah. He made a brief appearance only to argue with Millie that he’s better with spice than her. The two get into a cute argument with each other. It ends with Millie sassily retorting that Noah didn’t get invited to the show but she did! 

However, as feisty as she is, she was worried that drinking the milkshake would oust her from the game! 

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Will Brown’s Eleven gain her powers in the real world?

Stranger Things Volume 1 had Eleven visit her nightmares in the test lab again to bring her powers back. Through her memories, she learns that One is the orderly she befriended. And he was the one behind the massacre. When Eleven fought with him in his memories, she banished him to the Upside Down, where he transformed into Vecna.  She now knows that it’s the memories both sad and happy that is the key to unlocking her abilities.

Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 drops on July 1. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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