“I’m going to feel her out” – How Millie Bobby Brown Tried to Test Sadie Sink Before Forming Life-Long Friendship

“I’m going to feel her out” – How Millie Bobby Brown Tried to Test Sadie Sink Before Forming Life-Long Friendship

Stranger Things introduced us to the star cast of Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, and Gaten Matarazzo in the first season, and then fans for Sadie Sink in the second. The redhead was not a part of the cast at first, but as soon as she entered the Hawkins gang, she hit it off immediately with both the characters and the viewers!

Since the kids had all been together for a longer time filming the first season, they had already developed a bond. But bestie Brown and the rest of the cast welcomed her warmly. However, before Millie and Sink became the close friends they are today, the former was to feel the latter out.

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Millie Bobby Brown wanted to figure out Sadie Sink before accepting her in her inner circle

When Sadie Sink first met the gang, Millie Bobby Brown was curious about her. She wanted to figure out whether The Whale actress was cool or not. And she was much cooler than Brown expected. She revealed this during an interview at the 2017 comic-con with the rest of the cast. 

“I was looking at her, I was like I’m gonna feel her out and see if she is cool,” she said. 

She was further excited about the fact that Sadie sang too, which made her incredible. The cast further joked that Sink would go to their rooms to sing songs to them. Sink played along and mentioned that she used to serenade them every day. 

She fit in right away and quickly developed a bond with the cast. Since Sadie passed Brown’s vibe check, she immediately handed her a ticket to a concert. Finn revealed that he, Sadie and Millie went to a concert together in the first week. 

Their bond is truly special. Despite the adorable friendship that they share with each other, the two girls are the closest to each other. Both have moved on to other projects since Stranger Things is on hiatus now. Millie will comeback with Enola Holmes 2 in November 2022. Around the same time, Sink will appear in The whale. 

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What do you think about the bond shared by these two Netflix starlets? 

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