“I’m breast-feeding my child” – Millie Bobby Brown Confesses How She Planned to Sneak In Her Furry Baby

“I’m breast-feeding my child” – Millie Bobby Brown Confesses How She Planned to Sneak In Her Furry Baby

Millie Bobby Brown is the megastar of today’s television world who was born on Spanish soil in 2004. The young actress is hugely admired for her roles in shows and movies like Stranger Things, Godzilla, and Enola Holmes. While the sequel of her mystery film will soon be premiered on the streaming giant on November 4. The 18-year-old star has earned two Emmy nominations and fans love her so much that they thought she is snubbed of the awards.

Moreover, outside of acting, Millie has immeasurable love for human and animal life. She stands for children’s rights in UNICEF and makes cruelty-free products in Florence by Mills so no life gets harmed. On top of that, the British actor has adopted so many pets from dogs to tortoises to date. As she recently confessed how she planned to sneak in her furry baby.

Millie Bobby Brown tried to hide her furry pet under her top 

In a new episode with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Millie Bobby Brown and her BFF Noah Schnapp played the famous True Confession game. The first envelope was picked by Millie which stated: “I sneaked my pet bunny into hotels.”

After hearing the confession Jimmy commented that everyone loves the actress so nobody would stop her. Therefore, she doesn’t need to hide her pet when they would easily allow her to take any pet. Moreover, the Hubie Halloween star said that she is lying as he knows when his bestie is acting or telling the truth.

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Eventually, all their guesses failed as it was a true story and Brown did sneak her rabbit into a hotel. She revealed that the staff found her pet so she went into the elevator hiding him under her sweater. “And if they ask, “I’m breast-feeding my child. Why would you ever ask me? That’s so inappropriate,” explained the Intruders star.

However, his bunny flopped her plan by buzzing in her sweater, and then they saw his ear coming out of Millie’s top. Fortunately, she got off the elevator and kept her rabbit in her room for five days. Meanwhile, Millie and Henry Cavill recently sat down to give a recap of their first movie Enola Holmes. Just getting fans ready for the sequel that will be available on Netflix stream on November 4, 2022.

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