“I had to prove a lot..” – Millie Bobby Brown Weighs On How She Feels ‘underestimated’ As a Young Woman In the Industry

“I had to prove a lot..” – Millie Bobby Brown Weighs On How She Feels ‘underestimated’ As a Young Woman In the Industry

We all are pretty aware of how the cameras love Millie Bobby Brown. The star at the age of 18 has undoubtedly been brilliant in her acting career. However, in addition to that, the Stranger Things star has also tried her hands at producing. And tell you what, the results were amazing. As most of Millie’s fans are unaware, the suspense and mystery franchise, Enola Holmes, has been produced by Brown herself. However, it was not as easy as it seems to be.

In the course of her production journey, the star who was just 16 at the time had to face a lot of challenges from all fronts. Be it excessive long hours of screening or defying some stereotypical thoughts, she has been through it all. Rightfully so, she worked with all her might to prove all of it irrational. Here is from the star herself on her experience as a producer as interviewed by Netflixqueue

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Millie Bobby Brown on her journey as a producer so far 

Apart from the brilliant portrayal of the younger detective of the Holmes hegemony, producing the film gave Millie a lot of space. “This is not just a label,” explains Brown. Elaborating on her challenges further, she said, “I had to prove a lot because I am young and I am a girl, and people could think that this is something that has been handed to me.”

Speaking of her ambitions Brown affirmed that she wanted to prove herself on the first installment of the franchise. And rightfully so, she did. Brown has been a firm advocate for women’s rights and empowerment and her actions quite truly justify her ideologies.

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The star channelized her feelings of being underestimated into addressing the common social mindset that “young women are dragged down for many different things.” Stepping into power as a producer was her first step to breaching such stereotypes and standards. 


Now that she is aware of the outcomes and her own capabilities, Millie is more confident with the second movie of the franchise. The said piece is to land on our screens in a week’s time. After breaking the fourth wall in the first, Millie’s second Enola Holmes will bring us even more charisma and vigor of the Holmes siblings. 

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