Remember When ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams and Millie Bobby Brown Got Together in an Alternate Universe

Remember When ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams and Millie Bobby Brown Got Together in an Alternate Universe

The world has always loved crossovers. We have constantly wished that our favorite stars would come together in the shows or film franchises we have been binging for years. It just makes our day when the crossover is from one of our favorite shows. And when it comes to Stranger Things, everything works fine. Be it the Anne With an E (Amybeth McNulty as Vickie) crossover with Stranger Things or Locke and Key (“you guys are so dumb”), they have always received enormous love from the fans. But have you ever thought about an OTT crossover? What if we tell you that two stars of the two largest shows of the two largest OTTs did a crossover? We are talking about Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven from Stranger Things and Maisie Williams as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

Now you must be wondering who these stars are. It might come as a shock because these two are the young female leads of the show.

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When did Millie Bobby Brown and Maisie Williams get together?

The first question that comes to one’s mind is how on earth is the crossover of these two shows possible? On one hand, Game of Thrones is set in the times of 298 AC, and on the other hand, Stranger Things is the story of the retro times of the 80s. The first tells the story of Medieval Europe, whereas the other is of a small town in Indiana, America, called Hawkins. So how did Eleven and Arya ever come across?

Surprisingly, the two young talents of these incredibly popular shows came together for an advertisement. The crossover of Millie and Maisie did not happen inside the show but these two got the opportunity to share the screen for a shoe advertisement. It was in the year 2017 when both of them were approached for an advertisement for Converse. Both of them were the part of “Forever Chuck” campaign of the brand.

Brown got the lines “feel uncomfortable,” and Williams says, “there’s a role for everyone.”

The two girls share the similarities like being brave and fighting evil on the show. This might be the reason for them to do the commercial and portray the two strong female icons in this new brave world.

Do you think Millie and Maisie were the right choices for the commercial? If not, who else could have replaced them? Tell us in the comments.

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