“….to continue working with Millie [Bobby Brown]” – Henry Cavill on Sherlock Holmes’ return in ‘Enola Holmes’ Franchise After Part 2

“….to continue working with Millie [Bobby Brown]” – Henry Cavill on Sherlock Holmes’ return in ‘Enola Holmes’ Franchise After Part 2

Enola Holmes 2 has slowly started to make noise as filmmakers clear the way for its release in the upcoming month. However, we have bigger news for you. A flurry of interviews has extracted a lot from our British Baron, Henry Cavill. Ahead of its release, the star once shared his experience of working together with Millie Bobby Brown on the sets. In fact, Cavill also spilled the beans on his return to the franchise even after part 2. And tell you what, we could not get enough of the wholesome affection and admiration he bears for his co-star. 

Although when the production of the movie franchise was under process, Cavill was a bit reluctant as he wanted Millie to have it all without his role as Sherlock overshadowing hers. However, things have now changed as Henry gives a heart-warming reason for thinking beyond part 2, the complete opposite of what he once affirmed.

Henry Cavill could not stop praising co-star Millie Bobby Brown 

In an interview with Total Film Magazine, speculations around Cavill’s return as the bold big brother of the unsung hero of the Holmes family got him to reveal a lot. The Hollywood A-lister was all praises for his 18-year-old co-star as he admired Brown’s “professionalism” and “fantastic energy” on sets. While stating other important reasons, Henry also emphasized that “it would be very exciting to continue playing the character and to continue working with Millie”.  

In addition to it, The Witcher star said that it was important for his front to get things right. Further elaborating, Henry explained that he always had a knack for foreseeing where a particular show was headed to. From his years of brilliance and success, he always knew if the show was going to kick up a notch or go all the way downhill. Nevertheless, it felt like Enola Holmes fell in the first category for Cavill. 

The star as well as the Stranger Things standout performer are evidently going to slay the second installment in the next month. It would obviously be revolving around Enola bringing glory to the underrated detective of the Holmes clan. However, Henry’s Sherlock would also have a greater say in the matters than he had in the first movie. 

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How did you like the dynamics of Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes 1 on Netflix? What are your expectations from the second movie? Do let us know in the comments below.

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