If YOU Are a Fan of YOU, Do Not Miss These Tweets

If YOU Are a Fan of YOU, Do Not Miss These Tweets

The third season of the Netflix Original YOU has come and gone. Viewers’ stomachs were left in a knot throughout the course of the series. With the constant killing, Joe and Love being a deranged couple somehow trying to fix their lives and messing it up spectacularly each time, the series definitely gave viewers a number of unexpected scenes and plot twists.

What fans did expect, though, was the number of YOU memes social media would be flooded with. So, making things easier for fans, we’ve collected some of the best YOU memes out there.

Henry “Forty” Quinn Goldberg, the Captain of the Vessel of Justice


Fans can all agree that Joe and Love have really done some horrifying things together. From killing people or watching them kill themselves to getting their corpses and dealing with the deceased person’s family later- the couple has done things that would keep people in their position awake all night. Unfortunately, as this isn’t Crime and Punishment, the couple got their undeserved share of sleep. It’s a good thing that their son, Henry, took care of that.

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“I wolf you”

Joe and Love’s version of “I love you” from season two didn’t have quite the impression the creators thought it would. Instead of making the couple look cute, “I wolf you” became quite a meme. And so Netflix decided to take a dig at themselves in this meme.

Noah and Allie who? We only know Joe and Love


A passionate couple having an intense argument in the rain was The Notebook’s trademark. After seeing the third season of YOU, arguing in the rain will not remind viewers of Noah and Allie anymore.

Fans weren’t about to stay out of this, either

It clearly wasn’t just Netflix enjoying creating the YOU memes on social media. Fans, of course, joined in too. In fact, Joe and Love were one of the most popular costumes this Halloween. Here are some others:

 Joe’s monologues were quite an addition

The number of “Best of Joe Goldberg inner monologues from YOU on Netflix” is quite abundant. Not only do they make him so much more relatable as a character, but they are also undeniably hilarious.

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So, which of Joe’s inner monologues do you most resonate with?

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