Maya and the Three Fights and Battles- Streaming LIVE on YouTube

Maya and the Three Fights and Battles- Streaming LIVE on YouTube

Maya and the Three has almost taken over the animated movies and series section of Netflix. The 9 episode series was released on October 22, 2021. Since then, there have been several updates on the show. Netflix covered everything from interviews and ‘making of the series‘ videos to unknown facts.

In continuation to the promotional activities and urging fans to check out this majestic Mesoamerican-themed show, the official YouTube account of Netflix Futures has created a live stream for the epic battles of Maya and the Three.

All you need to know about Maya and the Three

The kingdom of Teca is a beautiful, prosperous and lively place. Their princess, Maya, is quite a dauntless young girl. Her Quinceañera, the Latino tradition of celebrating a girl’s passage from childhood to womanhood while she turns 15, is interrupted by the Gods. The God of War seeks vengeance from the people of the land.

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It is up to Maya to stop him and save the world from destruction. She embarks on this lethal adventure and is accompanied by the Three legendary warriors- each finding their roots in different Mesoamerican cultures.

The creator of the series Jorge Gutierrez quite put himself out there on Netflix with Maya and the Three. The series pays homage to the diverse cultures of ancient Mesoamerica. Jorge grew up in Mexico City, where he learned about the mesmerizing culture of his country through frequent visits to art museums.

In art school, the man met several people from different countries- Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and many more. This is where he gained motivation to create something commending the ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

And so, he created the 2014 movie called The Book of Life, based on these very cultures. Then came into being Maya and the Three, a 9 episode Netflix Original based on Mesoamerican myths and cultures.

Packed with breathtaking visuals, thrilling action, and detailed craftsmanship, the series is becoming quite the fan-favorite- and deservedly so!

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Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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