“I think I f**ked up” – When Jeezy Regretted Giving Kanye West His Ad Libs on Can’t Tell Me Nothing

“I think I f**ked up” – When Jeezy Regretted Giving Kanye West His Ad Libs on Can’t Tell Me Nothing

The world may regard him as controversial and may look down unfavorably on Kanye West, but for many, he remains an icon. West is considered a musical genius and if his concerts are anything to go by, he is a star performer as well. His recent anti-Semitic comments have made too many of his friends and contemporaries turn back on him, but they can still recall specific incidents with the rapper where he revealed his musical artistry.

Jeezy similarly recounted an incident wherein Ye’s take on music blew him away. Not only that but he also regretted dearly giving him the verse and the ad-libs that inspired Ye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing. 

Kanye West turned his verse and Jeezy’s ad-libs on I Got Money into the hit Can’t Tell Me Nothing 

Can’t Tell Me Nothing is Ye’s one of the most beloved tracks on Graduation. Jeezy revisited the classic song and revealed that this hit number actually originated from his I Got Money. A young Jeezy had sent the I Got Money track to Kanye West for him to include a verse in it. He sent the track back with the iconic “oh oh oh” verse but that completely changed the tone of the track so Jeezy had to drop it. 

Later Ye collaborated with I Got Money producer, DJ Toomp and made some changes to it. He also made it a point to include Jeezy’s original ad-libs with his permission and turned his verse into the song.  

Following the song becoming a chartbuster, West performed the song on a stage in London. Jeezy was also part of the lineup when he realized the mistake he made. “I think i f**ked up. I gave Kanye the record,” he told Jay-Z who was also present with Beyonce. 

Ye still retains a stellar musical record, and fans expected him to perform at the Super Bowl with Rihanna. But he was a no-show.

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Ye picked up a fight with the paparazzi 

The Donda rapper is not making music but he is certainly busy getting into fights with the paparazzi. Page Six reported that the producer recently headed to the police station to lodge a complaint. He claimed that the paparazzi challenged him to fight when he requested them to stop taking his pictures. Notably, this is not the first time that West had an altercation with the media.

It was just a few days back that he gained the negative limelight for throwing away a woman’s phone who was trying to click his pictures.

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