“It makes sense..” – Sarah Silverman Has a Funny Explanation About Kanye West’s Absence from Rihanna’s Superbowl Performance

“It makes sense..” – Sarah Silverman Has a Funny Explanation About Kanye West’s Absence from Rihanna’s Superbowl Performance

Sarah Silverman has the perfect explanation for why Kanye West was absent from the Super Bowl stage. The whole stadium cheered as a very pregnant Rihanna performed all of her hits. She even performed the ‘All of the Lights’ song, which was a collaboration of hers with Ye. While fans expected him to appear on stage, he never did. American comedian Sarah Silverman has an explanation for the absence.

There could have been many possible reasons behind his absence. But the former SNL actress had a rather hilarious explanation behind Ye’s absence.

Sarah Silverman explains why she thinks Kanye West skipped performing with Rihanna

There are many theories about the absence of Kanye West from Superbowl. But Sarah Silverman’s explanation could possibly be the funniest. During her appearance on The Daily Show as a guest host, the comedian shared her theory. “But, when you think about it, it makes sense because there wasn’t enough space for her dancers to form a swastika,” said Silverman. The comedian’s statements came after she exposed her lack of surprise over his absence since many fans were disappointed.

The Swastika reference was to his anti-Semitic comments that he was trending for the entire last year. Ye not only made comments against the Jewish community but also praised Hitler for his success with the Nazi party.

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But while she made fun of him, there are other speculations about the singer’s absence, with some wondering if Rihanna was trying to pay him a tribute.

Other speculations about the performance as well

A lot of celebrities distanced themselves from Ye over his controversies. But Rihanna performed one of their collaboration songs during the Super Bowl XVII halftime. She was styled in a fully red outfit, very similar to the one Ye wore during his performance in Atlanta. She even performed on a floating stage, just like Ye did during his Saint Pablo tour. This had people thinking that Rihanna was trying to honor him. 

The ‘Umbrella’ singer has not responded to any of these claims. On the other hand, it is unlikely that Ye will ever perform at Super Bowl after the controversies. Not that it has stopped him from trending either. But him getting a chance would probably take an assurance that he doesn’t make Swastikas like Silverman joked.

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