“I believe that world peace is…” – Kanye West Once Revealed the Key to Ultimate Global Peace to Joe Rogan

“I believe that world peace is…” – Kanye West Once Revealed the Key to Ultimate Global Peace to Joe Rogan

As ironic as it sounds, Kanye West once revealed how achieving world peace was possible. The American rapper in recent times attracted several controversies for his antisemitic comments. As a result, he lost some friends along with major partnerships. However, in 2020, when the rapper was talking about his plans after he would become the president of the USA to Joe Rogan, he talked about world peace as well.

On his podcast, Joe Rogan Experience, the host, Joe Rogan, invited Ye for a conversation in 2020. Among many things like being bipolar, running for president, his music, and so on, Ye talked about how achieving world peace is possible. As the rapper talked about what we turn our blind eyes to, he said, “Love will heal all.” 

He believed world peace was possible by looking at each other for a moment in time. He said, “Time is love,” because you love the things you put your time into. And by loving one another and giving time to understand them, we can achieve world peace, according to Ye.

The rapper shared how we all have a competitive spirit. People like to have a bad guy and competition, but you could change them, he said, referring to the ancient civilizations, into Egyptian or Roman kingdoms. So, what did he mean by that?

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What did Kanye West mean by referring to ancient civilizations?

As he talked about the bad guys and competitors, he said we need to change them into civilized people. By doing that, we could create a civilization that we could proudly say, “We are the first society, we are the first civilization that ever became civil.” Ye also said we were still in the dark ages as the medieval times.

The rapper also mentioned how we kill each other’s spirits on social media, high school, and the way we talk to each other. Therefore, he feels that as long as we keep turning blind eyes to our brothers and sisters, referring to the entire human race, we would continue to suffer. By not realizing the fact that we were not maximizing our resources and existence, we were doing more harm to humanity, said Ye.

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Coming together to build something great yet small by the smartest minds is the key to achieving peace, according to Ye.

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