“I split my pants” – Hugh Jackman Opens up About the Toll ‘Deadpool 3’ Is Taking on His Life to Stephen Colbert

“I split my pants” – Hugh Jackman Opens up About the Toll ‘Deadpool 3’ Is Taking on His Life to Stephen Colbert

Iconic Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has been poking Ryan Reynolds since his return was announced. Actually, he started a campaign against his frenemy telling fans through social media that Deadpool 3 is all about him. The Australian actor is hilariously suggesting different titles that focus more on Wolverine than Deadpool.

On the other hand, he has big plans to give his best in the movie that he has been hyping for months now. Last week, the Grammy winner revealed his fitness routine to Chris Wallace that he needs for the film. Now, he is back again to give fans some hints as he opens up about what toll Deadpool 3 is taking on his life.

Hugh Jackman is having wardrobe problems as he bulks up for Deadpool 3

Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackman revealed that he is back on his famous Wolverine diet and workout routine. The 54-year-old star is playing this legendary character for the tenth time but for the first time in Deadpool. That is why he has already started lifting weights to achieve that adamantium shape.

However, his fitness routine is becoming problematic for his Music Man castmates and costume designers. Since his extra muscular body is failing to fit in the Broadway outfits.

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“So I was eating 4,500 calories a day… and I’m sorry for the audiences in the front row, I’m sorry for my cast, I’m sorry for my wife, it was not pretty. I split my pants three times,” Jackman told the host.

Moreover, the Oscar-nominated also stated that his everyday diet target is 6,000 calories. But to balance things up he is consuming a little less for now to do all the dancing. Well, it seems that the actor might require extra pair of pants in the coming months when he will completely transforms himself into Logan.

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And if you are not aware, Hugh Jackman has never used steroids to build pounds of muscle. The actor like to do it the old school way as he think that these things might have bad effect on health.

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