Hugh Jackman Almost Lost His Wolverine Role for THIS Uncanny Reason

Hugh Jackman Almost Lost His Wolverine Role for THIS Uncanny Reason

Hugh Jackman made a Guinness world record for having the longest career in the Marvel Universe. With his breakthrough role in the Wolverine franchise, the actor became famous overnight. He has headlined nine films as the mutant protagonist earning the spot of favorite Logan of all time. His remarkable acting, outstanding fighting skills, and dramatic style set a benchmark in MCU.

One can certainly agree with that seeing how his character is dragged out from his coffin to make an appearance in Deadpool 3. Fans have constantly received small updates about the highly anticipated film where he will team up with Ryan Reynolds. However, we would have never got all these crossovers and impeccable fan moments to treasure if Jackman had lost his most popular role back in 2000.

Hugh Jackman reveals how his height became an obstacle for Wolverine 

Hugh Jackman sat down with CNN‘s Chris Wallace on Monday to talk about his return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. During the conversation, the host asked him about the huge difference between the height of the character and his own. “Wolverine is five foot five. You are six foot two. So how on earth did you get yourself cast for this role,” questioned the journalist.

In his response, the 54-year-old star stated the creators were worried that he was taller than the character. Then the actor stood up from his chair and showed how he convinced them by crouching on the floor.

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“I literally walked out like that. And actually in the first movie, Chris. I never had my shoes on,” explained the Grammy winner. He continued by saying that all the actors around him were taller except kids so it won’t ruin the originality of the character.

Meanwhile, the Bad Education star is currently focusing on his intense workout regimen for Deadpool 3. Since he revealed in the same interview that this physique training will take six months and that he needs to sharpen his claws to make his comeback.

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