“I mostly bush camp until the very end of the game”- Millie Bobby Brown Hilariously Confesses to Cheating in a Game

“I mostly bush camp until the very end of the game”- Millie Bobby Brown Hilariously Confesses to Cheating in a Game

And here we thought Millie Bobby Brown was good at everything. And she is. She is an exceptional actress. Breaking out on the scene playing a telekinetic girl with very few dialogues at the age of 11 is no easy feat. That is the talent for which she has already received a nod from the Emmys! 

But during the promotion of her most recent film Enola Holmes 2, she revealed that she is not very good at video games. The teen detective series returned for the second time after the previous one received highly positive feedback. The story brings back all the fan-favorite characters from Brown’s Enola to Louis’ Tewkesbury to Cavill’s Sherlock.

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Millie Bobby Brown resorts to cheating to stay alive until the end in Fortnite

Millie Bobby Brown was at Wired’s studio to answer the Web’s most searched question. When she was asked about video games that she plays, the actress reveals that she likes playing Sims 4 and Fortnite. Not a pro gamer by any means, she resorts to hiding in the bush and stays away from any confrontations until the final round in Fortnite.

“I mostly just bush camp until the very end of the game until there’s like five people left. Then I hand over the controller to an experienced Fortnite player to let them finish the game,” she admitted. That’s actually quite a smart way to stay alive until the end and win without any actual fights! 

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The actress, although, quite likes playing the vet in Sims 4. “Living vicariously” through the game, she takes care of pets, enjoys building homes, and playing in the live mode. Miss Brown clearly enjoys casual, laid-baid simulation games more than RPGs! She is the complete opposite of her reel brother, Henry Cavill. That man is a huge gaming fan and he broke the internet once with a video of him trying to fix his gaming computer. Maybe she should enlist the help of Cavill the next time she plays Fortnite! 

Do you also cheat in video games?

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