“I Knew That Deep Down”: Millie Bobby Brown Plays a Little Game to Find Out Which Enola Holmes Character She Is

“I Knew That Deep Down”:  Millie Bobby Brown Plays a Little Game to Find Out Which Enola Holmes Character She Is

Millie Bobby Brown recently made her return to Netflix with the sequel of Enola Holmes. The teen detective movie is based on Nancy Springer’s YA novels of the same name that reimagine the famous Sherlock Holmes as having an equally brilliant younger sister. 

The first movie that came out at the height of the pandemic gave some much-needed entertainment during the dark times. It was a hit with its plucky heroine getting herself into all kinds of mess. The actress recently sat down for a fun little game with BuzzFeed UK where she found out which character she was like from the series.

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Which Enola Holmes character Millie Bobby Brown is most like?

The British actress had to answer a bunch of questions to figure out which character she was most like from her movie series. She described herself as a loyal friend and coffee addict. She confessed to having five cups of coffee that day! Millie Bobby Brown further confessed her love for Idris Elba and Jodie Comer. She picked her favorite Luther as her favorite detective simply because she loves Elba! And we do not fault her for choosing Comer because she was phenomenal as Villanelle.

Just like Enola Holmes, Brown loves science and the little science experiments which act as fun breaks for her. 

If she was a detective in real life, she would choose a cute notebook to keep all of her notes and thoughts organized in that little book. However, when it came to choosing a soul mate, she did a complete 180 and picked Jennifer Lawrence. Her reason? JLaw is as clumsy as her and is just like her! During this, it was evident that Brown was the perfect Enola. It was not surprising when she bagged the character.

“I knew that deep down. I knew that before I started the game to be honest,” she admitted unbaffled.

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Well, have you taken the test to figure out which character from the teen detective series you are?

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