“I love being a dad”- Throwback to Ryan Reynolds Speaking About His Three Daughters and Fatherhood

“I love being a dad”- Throwback to Ryan Reynolds Speaking About His Three Daughters and Fatherhood

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t mind being in a house full of women. The Deadpool actor is one of the most likable men in the industry today. And that is not only a result of his performance as an actor but also his performance as a father. And he is not afraid to show his love for them to the world. He has three daughters, namely Inez, James, and Betty are still pretty young.

The star broke many hearts after he married Met Gala Queen and actress Blake Lively back in 2012. The duo that hit it off during his Green Lantern movie, have been inseparable since. And now have their family multiplied with a fourth child on its way.

Ryan Reynolds on his three daughters

The Free Guy actor had a picture-perfect family and he knows it. “I love being a girl dad. I have three daughters, which I never in a million years would have imagined,” said Reynolds to Access.  He and Blake live like a team, wherein they do not take on separate projects.

Which means there is no space for long-distance arrangements. If one of them has a shoot, the rest of the family follows them, so they are always together as a unit. This ensures that they spend as much quality time with each other as possible. The Canadian-born actor connected his new life to his old one.

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The entertainer was the youngest of the three boys while growing up, and lived very differently as opposed to his current situation, being the only man in the house. Although things could change now that Blake is pregnant with their fourth child. Which could mean that the fourth baby could be a son as well.


Not that it makes a difference to Ryan Reynolds. He always boasts about being a father to his all-daughter team. The celebrity once revealed how the girls, along with Blake, roast him all the time. Looks like the tiny tots are picking up after their father and mother’s sense of humor.

Do you think his daughters will someday take after him and Blake Lively and enter Hollywood someday? Let us know in the comments.

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