Ryan Reynolds Once Spoke on How He Is Safe From ‘Nothing’ When It Comes to Trolling

Ryan Reynolds Once Spoke on How He Is Safe From ‘Nothing’ When It Comes to Trolling

Ryan Reynolds has the gift of being real while making you chuckle. The Deadpool actor has been all over social media promoting his next 2024 Deadpool movie along with Wolverine. Considering his media presence, the actor is also not new to the concept of online trolls. Trolls find a way to make fun of even the minutest things and do not even spare the most loving celebrities.

The Free Guy actor is likely not an exception. The entertainer is married to Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively, whom he met on the sets of his movie Green Lantern. The couple there on went to marry each other, and the two have now multiplied into a family of 5. But they are indeed a couple made for each other, who know how to pull each other’s leg, raising a family who knows how to troll.

Ryan Reynolds on how his daughters troll him

Ryan Reynolds is not only married to actress Blake Lively, but also to her funny evil side. The two have three daughters together, namely, Inez, James, and Betty. The actor usually has a rather funny take on everything and is not afraid to make fun of himself. He was the lead in the movie Free Guy wherein he is a gaming character, stuck in a world of online trolls. The actor spoke to People about the concept of online trolling when promoting his movie.

He was then asked about his experience with the troller. That is when Reynolds confessed that for him, trolling begins at home. In fact, no one in the family man’s house spares him. “Even my daughters now troll me, so like I’m safe from nothing“. Looks like Blake and their daughters come together and team up on Ryan pretty hard at home. The man who makes fun of the world is a victim of fun at home.

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The actor himself is a menace and is known for pulling tricks on the shoots of his movies as well. The proud dad likely doesn’t mind being trolled by his little kids. And his little gang is only about to expand as Blake is pregnant with their fourth child.

What do you think about this family of trollers and pranksters?

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