“I just want her to be healthy” – Sadie Sink Dwells on the Future Prospects for Max Mayfield in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

“I just want her to be healthy” – Sadie Sink Dwells on the Future Prospects for Max Mayfield in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

It is hard to believe today that Sadie Sink almost lost her most cherished role in Stranger Things. The casting directors thought, she was a bit old for the role but fortunately; she got it. Her performance became the most epic part of season 4 that no one can certainly forget. This has been a rough journey for Max Mayfield, who dealt with so much trauma and complications at the same time. Even though she tried her best to escape from all the pain with her music and isolation, she couldn’t.

We can say that her fate called her to the most horrifying place of her life to get into a battle she cannot win. Since then, we all are wondering what her future holds. Where does this braindead character stand in the storyline? But the actress has something to say as she dwells on the prospects for Max Mayfield in Stranger Things season 5.

Sadie Sink wishes to see a healthy Max Mayfield at the end of Stranger Things

In a virtual interview with ‘Extra’s’ Katie Krause, Sadie Sink opened up about what to expect for Max in season 5. The host asked her what she hopes for the character after this Vecna war ends in Stranger Things. In her response, the Dear Zoe star stated that she wanted to see Max coming out of her coma state.

“I’m really interested to see how she’s grown from this whole experience, I just want her to be healthy,” remarked Sink. The actress didn’t say much about whether she will be able to walk again or about her blindness, the most significant parts that the show left unresolved for fans to ponder.

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As for now, the only things we know are Eleven resurrected her with her newly reclaimed power. While her limbs are broken, Max is blind, and she is braindead, lying in a hospital with Lucas at her bedside.

What do you think? Will Max be able to walk again? Or has Vecna actually taken her conscious mind for forever? Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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