“I’ll just literally take eyeliner and rub it everywhere…” – When Sadie Sink Disclosed Her Struggles With Makeup

“I’ll just literally take eyeliner and rub it everywhere…” – When Sadie Sink Disclosed Her Struggles With Makeup

Sadie Sink wowed the world with her impeccable performance in season 4 of Stranger Things. Despite joining the cast as a supporting character in season 2, her acting prowess left a noteworthy mark on our hearts. No wonder newer projects started flooding in for the young actress. As she gained popularity, her personal style, stunning red-carpet looks, and other glamorous public appearances also came to the forefront.

However, it seems like decking up is not something that comes easily to the red-haired star. A few months ago, Sadie Sink admitted to facing major problems with doing her own makeup.

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Sadie Sink on the perils of make-up

In March 2022, Sadie Sink did an exclusive interview with Glamour Magazine. In the candid conversation, as the publication’s cover star for June, the actress discussed everything from her roles, mental health and wellness, and even her personal sense of style. Sadie even revealed her genuine discomfort and cluelessness when it came to make-up.

My version of doing makeup, if I ever have to wear it and do it by myself, is that I’ll just literally take eyeliner and rub it everywhere and then try to get it all off,” admitted Sink.

In this sense, the 20-year-old actress may be the polar opposite of her friend and Stranger Things co-star, Millie Bobby Brown. Not only does Brown have her own brand of beauty products, but she has also shared her multiple make-up routines with the fans. While Sink might not be a make-up whizz, she did have a skincare ritual up her sleeve.

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When asked about a “life-changing beauty hack,” she shared a trick she borrowed from someone.

In terms of skincare, someone told me once to use my ring finger when putting on eye cream and I always do that now,” illustrated The Whale star.

While she was not sure if the hack was “life-changing or not yet,” she jokingly revealed how it would be apparent in “a few years.”

Do you have difficulties putting on your make-up like Sink? Do you have a make-up or skincare hack you follow to a T that changed your life? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Stranger Things streaming on Netflix to catch the red-haired actress and her electric performance in season 4.

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