“I had a meltdown”: When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed How She Felt When THIS Celebrity Followed Her on Twitter

“I had a meltdown”: When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed How She Felt When THIS Celebrity Followed Her on Twitter

Imagine leisurely scrolling your phone and suddenly you get the notification of your celebrity crush following you on Twitter. What would be your reaction? You might have a meltdown or be overwhelmed and thrilled with the news. The same happened with the renowned British actor Millie Bobby Brown as well. Famous for her character Eleven in Netflix’s science fiction, Stranger Things, Brown found herself hyperventilating when her crush followed her on social media.

An actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Millie Bobby Brown has an astonishing career trajectory for an 18-year-old. The Enola Holmes star has millions of fans all over the globe. Just like any teenager out there, the Spain-born also fangirls over an American actor and singer.

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Millie Bobby Brown narrates her fondness for an American model

Millie Bobby Brown’s celebrity crush is none other than the American actor, model, singer, and dancer Maddie Ziegler. Her childhood crush has now converted into a true and warm friendship. In an interaction in 2016, Brown revealed how she saw Ziegler live for the first time and what promoted the dancer to follow her. 

Notably, the Dance Moms star Ziegler got a golden opportunity of judging the So You Think You Can Dance season in 2016. Millie got her hands on one of the tickets for the show. The Stranger Things actor kept staring at her crush for the entire episode. It was her lucky day as, towards the end of the shoot, she got a chance to meet the dancer backstage.

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While the actress was going crazy at the thought of having a conversion with Ziegler, her simplicity bowled her over. The good chat between the two resulted in Maddie soon following Millie Bobby Brown on Twitter

“You were Maddie Ziegler. Then you followed me on Twitter—and I had a meltdown—and the rest is history,” the Enola Holmes star told Interview.

Soon after the brief meeting, Brown got Maddie’s number, and the two started having warm and real conversations, which turned into a wonderful friendship quickly.

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