“I love how excited you got”: When Millie Bobby Brown Praised Henry Cavill for Answering Her Question Correctly

“I love how excited you got”: When Millie Bobby Brown Praised Henry Cavill for Answering Her Question Correctly

It is always entertaining to watch our favorite stars on screen. What is even more exciting is when they star together in a movie or a series. It does not just allow us to witness their individual acting skills but also how their chemistry works on screen. Similarly, the mystery crime film Enola Holmes had a vast ensemble of widely recognized actors such as Henry Cavill, Millie Bobby Brown, and Sam Claflin. While it was undoubtedly fun to watch them on screen, the three stars also appeared together in a fun interview with Netflix Film.

Fans always want to know more about their favorite stars, and what better way to catch them unfiltered than an interview? In the interview, Millie, who plays Enola Holmes, was given a bunch of tricky questions to ask her fictional big bros, Sherlock Holmes (Henry) and Mycroft Holmes (Sam). While answering one of Millie’s questions, Henry got a little excited, and Millie praised her big brother. But what was the question?

Millie Bobby Brown lauds Henry Cavill

As a child, we all loved riddles, both solving and asking them. That is exactly what the interview was about. It was full of puzzles and mysteries. One of the riddles had Cavill getting a bit excited while answering. The riddle was I shave every day, but my beard stays the same. What am I? Initially, the two actors struggled with the mystery and gave hilarious answers like Superman and a sheep shearer. However, Cavill answered right after, “oh, a barber.” Seeing such an enthusiastic reply, Millie praised The Man of Steel actor with “Oh god, I love how excited you are, Henry.”


The interview was entertaining, to say the least. It was hilarious to watch Cavill and Sam scratching their heads for the answer. However, both actors got the hang of it as they solved almost every riddle later in the discussion. There was no winner, as the duo had the same score by the end.

Will the three actors come back together for Enola Holmes 2?

The crime-mystery film is all set to come back with a second part. Previously, Netflix confirmed the release date on its official Twitter account. While most of the cast is gearing up for the second part, Sam Claflin’s return as Mycroft Holmes is uncertain. The streamer also released the first look of this upcoming film.

The film will make its way to our screens on November 4, 2022, and it will be fun to watch the Holmes siblings back in action.

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