Does Millie Bobby Brown Love Eggos As Much As Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’?

Does Millie Bobby Brown Love Eggos As Much As Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’?

If the Stranger Things fandom remembers, there were many moments in the show that proved Eleven was straight obsessed with the toaster breakfast, Eggo. The most epic of all was when innocent yet hangry Eleven stole the Eggo Waffles straight from a shopping mall. There were confused and agitated eyes at the baffled little girl but that did not stop her from taking home three whole packs away. However, the iconic actress who played Eleven, the sensational Millie Bobby Brown runs the polar opposite of her character. 

Time and again, in several interviews, she has always said that she is never a breakfast person. Although El cannot help finding delight in Eggo ads, Millie simply does not stand it. However, keeping aside all her personal choices she did a brilliant job on-screen as Eleven. Let us tell you more about it. 

As her “victory breakfast, Millie Bobby Brown chooses THIS toast and no, it is not Eggos

In a phone interview with The Wrap, Millie reveals that she would prefer her avocado juice over Eggos any day, any time. No, I like them, they’re cool. They’re OK I guess,” Brown said. “I’m not a breakfast person,” she further added. Hence, Millie is evidently not a fan. Even at the world-class premiere of Stranger Things 4, Millie openly went like “I hate Eggos.” However, Eleven’s obsession with the toaster breakfast led to an overnight spike in the demand for Eggos. Kellogg’s even revealed that the sales of its Eggo brand skyrocketed with the release of each season of Stranger Things.

Nevertheless, instead of the Eggos, Millie seems to be quite obsessed with Avocado toast as said earlier. The star mentioned that she has had this toast before almost all her live interviews and award shows. “I ate avocado toast before the SAG awards. I didn’t eat avocado toast before the Golden Globes,” said Millie. She believes Avocados to be her victory breakfast out of all. Her love for them is so strong that the star once mentioned that if she happens to pull off an Emmy for her performance in the show, she would thank her avocado toast on stage!

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