“I had a couple of…” – Henry Cavill Once Revealed How He Cheated on His Diet During the Shooting of ‘Man of Steel’

“I had a couple of…” – Henry Cavill Once Revealed How He Cheated on His Diet During the Shooting of ‘Man of Steel’

Even Superman needs to eat junk food once in a while. Actor Henry Cavill was without a doubt one of the best Superman that DC ever chose. Not only skills, but the actor’s tough fitness made him perfect for the role. But filling in Superman’s shoes is no simple task.

The comic hero has been an inspiration for people for decades, whether for his righteousness or his abs. But achieving this look did not happen without a bit of cheating. Cavill once revealed how he indulged in guilty pleasures during his journey of shooting Man of Steel in 2013.

How a fit Henry Cavill once found comfort in junk food

Henry Cavill looked every bit of perfection, gaining an appreciation for bringing Superman to life. When he appeared for the movie’s premiere back then, the actor revealed to E!, “Well, I had a couple of breaks throughout shooting.” Considering the pressure of the role, it required him to take occasional breaks. On one particular stress event, Cavill ate a whole giant pizza, an entire tub of ice cream, and an entire apple pie.

Then again, his fitness remained at his best, as evident in the movie. In fact, Zack Snyder once revealed in an interview how he purposely made actors wear the older funny looking Superman costumes. He was convinced that Cavill deserved the role, after seeing him channel the superhero in that costume.

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After a successful stint at DC, Cavill will not be making a comeback as Superman. However, he will always act as an inspiration for the fans and the actor who will fill the British star’s role. What is the regime that made the 39-year-old look how he did and does even today?

What went into making Superman’s body?

Despite already being fit, Henry Cavill was required to lose a lot of weight for his role. This included having to drop his calorie count from 5000 a day to 2500 a day, just cutting it in half. It was admittedly a difficult phase for the entertainer. But he pulled it off, and his efforts paid off as well.

For physical activity, the actor prefers to do weightlifting four times a week. Fasted cardio is also one of his successful hacks to keep lean. At 39, Cavill still remains one of the fittest actors in the industry who still garners action hero roles.

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