The Time When Tom Cruise Sent Henry Cavill the Most “Unhealthy Cake” on Christmas

The Time When Tom Cruise Sent Henry Cavill the Most “Unhealthy Cake” on Christmas

Henry Cavill is often marveled for his fit physique. And the actor is not one to shy away from talking about how difficult it is to actually achieve it. From the tough workout routines to the monotonous clean eating all year round. But not for Christmas. Henry Cavill goes easy on his diet and workout routines during Christmas. By going easy, we mean the actor rejects the thought of eating anything healthy at all. Even if it is a cake from Tom Cruise.

The two of them not only made a magnificent pair on screen but also hit it off pretty well off-screen. So much so that Henry Cavill found himself on the list of people Tom Cruise sends a gift to on Christmas.

When Tom Cruise indulged Henry Cavill in some unhealthy eating

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in July 2018 during his Mission: Impossible-Fallout promotions, Cavill discussed Tom Cruise and his gift-giving nature. The Superman actor revealed that he had often heard about the iconic Tom Cruise Christmas gift. And that year, he received one as well. “One day I received said coconut cake, which said ‘Happy Christmas Henry, from Tom Cruise’ which is kinda cool,”. But despite thinking it was cool, Cavill refused to eat it.

It was only when his friend cut it open that he realized that it was the most scrumptious cake ever. “It is the most luxurious, unhealthy coconut cake. I then ate the whole thing,” Cavill further added. A perfect case of don’t judge a book by its cover demonstrated by Henry Cavill.

Will Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise work together again?

Mission: Impossible- Fallout starring Cavill became the highest-grosser of the franchise with its $791 million worldwide collection. Not only were fans spellbound by the numerous Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill fight sequences, albeit not with each other, but they were even more smitten by their offscreen bond.

During the promotions, at almost every event that the cast attended, Cruise would ask Cavill to show the audience how he “reloaded his arms“. Now that Cavill is finally done and dusted with DC, fans would love to see him in a spy thriller again, especially with Tom Cruise. However, the latter is still basking in the success of Top Gun: Maverick, and there have not been any reports of them working together again.

Do you think Tom Cruise still sends cakes to Henry Cavill? Let us know in the comments below.

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