Henry Cavill’s Superman Comeback Already Had a Long-Running Issue, Before James Gunn Took Over DCU

Henry Cavill’s Superman Comeback Already Had a Long-Running Issue, Before James Gunn Took Over DCU

Henry Cavill is one of the strongest-looking actors in the industry. The actor has portrayed many iconic characters throughout his career. Dwayne Johnson has regarded him as the greatest Superman as well. While many fans agreed with the statement by The Rock, the new DC bosses felt otherwise. As they axed Cavill’s Superman along with other superheroes, there was a problem even before his return in the first place.

As soon as James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the DC Studios, they started rebooting the universe. However, before they canceled Cavill’s Superman, there was already a major problem with the return of the actor in the films. This one specific problem regarding the character’s cameo appearances would have required a totally different treatment. Let us find out what the problem was.

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Henry Cavill as Superman was already in trouble before getting axed by James Gunn

Walter Hamada, the former DC boss, had a different approach, as he wanted to use the character in multiple cameos, reported by Screenrant. As Cavill’s Superman saw the official visible return on screen rather than being faceless, there laid a major issue. The issue is that the comeback lacks the foundational storyline in Superman’s returns. Although the idea of getting Cavill’s Superman back came from Dwayne Johnson, the former DC boss tried to fix the problem. But it wasn’t in the plan for Walter Hamada. If he would have brought The Tudors star back, he would have been required to fix the major storyline issue.

Another problem was that the cameo appearances would have made the audience misinformed about the actual connection to Superman. It would create a chaotic impression in the minds of the regular theater-going audience. Although the former DC boss had his own reason for cameos (to keep his Superman around). But it would have made the audience question why Cavill skipped from Joss Whedon’s Justice League to the feasible crossover.

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These faceless cameos would have only made it worse for the audience. Because they would have to go back to trace the previous Superman appearance, only to find an ambiguous context. Therefore, Gunn might have axed the future of Superman and wanted to introduce a new storyline for the character.

What do you think about it? Do you think if Superman continued appearing as cameos in the DC films, it would have benefited the British actor?

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