“I forgot how to…” – Henry Cavill Recalls His Early Audition With Patrick Stewart

“I forgot how to…” – Henry Cavill Recalls His Early Audition With Patrick Stewart

Starting his acting career at the mere age of 17, Henry Cavill has come a long way. From being a young actor and a new face in Hollywood during his 2001 film Laguna to becoming one of the most popular celebrities in 2022, the journey of Cavill is surely inspiring. The Enola Holmes star is an incredibly successful and sought-after actor and is one of the leading men in Hollywood. While the actor enjoys fame and success in Hollywood today, we all know that Cavill has had his share of struggles and problems when he first started.

With a career spanning over two decades, Cavill has given countless memorable and iconic films. While we have seen Cavill star in some very interesting movies such as Man of Steel and Mission Impossible: Fallout, there are a few films that Cavill missed out on during his early acting days. And recently Cavill shed some light on one of his early auditions with Patrick Stewart.

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Henry Cavill makes some shocking revelations from his early acting days

Recently, Henry Cavill featured in an interview along with Patrick Stewart where he talked about his early acting days and his audition for The Lion in the Winter in 2003. The Enola Holmes star revealed that he was extremely nervous to give his audition in front of the legendary actor Patrick Stewart. Cavill revealed that he had spent weeks in order to learn his lines. However, it did not go as Cavill planned. The Witcher star added, “By the time I got in there, I’d whipped myself into such a frenzy that I completely flubbed the audition. I forgot how to act, and then I left with my tail in between my legs.”

Cavill revealed that he convinced himself that the audition was just a mishappening and he could do better as an actor. Interestingly, Stewart told Cavill that he was free to give it another shot and said he was glad The Tudors actor came back for another try. The British actor revealed how Stewart giving him another chance had a major impact on his career and help fuel him.

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