With a New Contender in the Race, Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy Might Lose Their Chance to Ace the Role of James Bond

With a New Contender in the Race, Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy Might Lose Their Chance to Ace the Role of James Bond

The hunt for a new James Bond started, following Daniel Craig’s departure from the franchise. After playing the titular spy character for a decade, he stepped down after delivering a hit, No Time to Die. Reports stated that producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were looking for the next actor to take up the mantle. Top names like Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill were repeatedly mentioned.

While Hardy has never played an agent before, Cavill surely has the experience. Not only that, but The Tudors star auditioned for the role back in 2005 too. However, he lost to Craig due to his age; the producers wanted an older actor. But now that a new contender has entered the competition, Henry’s second stab at the role may not work out.

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Who is the new Bond contender that is dangerously close to displacing Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy? 

Things have taken quite a turn with a new contender. Aaron Taylor Johnson, reportedly, went for a secret audition test for the role in September and has made quite an impression on the producers. Now he is one of the frontrunners for the role! The screen test included a scene from the latest Bond movie and from Sean Connery’s classic From Russia with Love.

Taylor’s odds are 10-1, tieing him with Michael Fassbender. Just ahead of him is Richard Madden, on 9-1. Both Tom Hardy and James Norton are on 6-1. However, Henry Cavill still remains the top choice for the spy character. 

If Aaron looks familiar to you, it is because you have seen him in plenty of other movies before. The 32-year-old first rose to fame with Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and Kick-Ass. He was also a part of the Avengers series as Scarlet Witch’s brother, Pietro Maximoff. His role in Anna Karenina was highly praised. Currently married to 55-year-old director Sam Taylor-Johnson, his latest outing was Bullet Train, also starring Brad Pitt.

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