“I find that I’m very funny”- Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Spoke On Her Love for Comedy Over Broadway

“I find that I’m very funny”- Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Spoke On Her Love for Comedy Over Broadway

No one is unaware of the enormous success that Millie Bobby Brown has achieved through the course of her career to date. No matter how closely we have known her, she has always got something to surprise us with. All of her recent interviews have revealed certain facts about the young actress. Here’s another from six years ago, which told us about Millie’s preferences for a few things. Check it out!

Millie Bobby Brown talks about her preferences between a musical and comedy

In a year-old interview with SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Millie was asked about her choices between doing a comedy theatre or a musical. Answering which, the star said even though she almost thought she would go with musicals, comedy theatres are really her thing. The then 13-year-old Brown claimed that “I find that I’m very funny”. Making people laugh and be humorous about things is what she would love to do.

And Comedy offers a chance for it. Although she enjoys singing and slays at rapping all-time hits, Brown still chose to do comedy over musical theatres. Further elaborating, she also said, “it (being funny) is something I am very proud of, I am good at it”. Her stance about Broadway was, as exclaimed, “very tiring.”

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Even the thought of strenuous routines of traveling throughout the world and having numerous photoshoots makes her “go crazy”. Hence she never thought she would be able to manage Broadway yet. Later in the interview, she was also asked if the 80’s soundtrack has influenced her taste. To which she played coy and named some of her other favorites of that time.

Nevertheless, as an actress she slays. Out of all her shows, Stranger Things stands out as the blockbuster signpost series for the star. Right from the beginning, the star has worked wonders as Eleven. Thankfully, her journey as Eleven has not ended yet as the final showdown between the Hawkins gang and the dreaded Villain Vecna is yet to come in Season five.

How did you like Millie’s choices? What do you think would personally suit Brown as an actress? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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