“I f**ked up” – Netflix Removes One of Chris Rock’s Joke on Will Smith from ‘Selective Outrage’ over a Movie Confusion

“I f**ked up” – Netflix Removes One of Chris Rock’s Joke on Will Smith from ‘Selective Outrage’ over a Movie Confusion

The awaited stand-up special by Chris Rock finally landed on Netflix. But the much entertaining live special had a little goof up. Nearly a year after the Oscars incident, expectations of him mentioning Will Smith were met with multiple bold jokes. But even the best of comedians make mistakes, and after a year of silence, Rock was no exception.

Considering the anticipation of selective outrage as well as Will Smith’s weightage, Netflix quickly corrected the mistake. For those who watched the session recently, the mistake cannot be seen since the OTT platform edited it out. But here is how the goof-up actually happened.

How Chris Rock messed up a Will Smith joke in Selective Outrage

Ahead of the Oscar Awards, Chris Rock’s perfectly time live stand-up dropped on Netflix. But as per EW, he realised he had made a mistake when delivering a joke about the Smith couple. “No, not Emancipation. I f**ked up the joke, ” he corrected himself immediately. Netflix carefully edited the part out, resulting in a smooth stream of jokes. This joke led the audience to realize why the stand-up even got named Selective Outrage.

While taking a jibe at the Oscar-winning actor, Rock explained how Jada Pinkett Smith wanted the comedian to ban the Academy Awards. Mrs. Smith wanted to boycott the Awards because her husband was not nominated for Best Actor for his leading role in the 2015 true-based movie Concussion. She asked the comedian to ban the award ceremony as well. Instead of mentioning Concussion, Rock accidentally named Smith’s 2022 movie Emancipation.

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Although Netflix edited out that joke, they certainly did not touch the other wild list of jokes. The comedian explained why Smith’s Oscar slap was an example of Selective Outrage by comparing himself to others around the actor.

A look into the Chris Rock comedy special

Saving the meat for the last, Rock explained how Jada Pinkett Smith led down Will Smith by cheating on him. Everyone criticized the 54-year-old for his actions, but Rock joked about he was the one who got smacked in the face.

Regardless of the edits, Selective Outrage remains in the top ten list of Netflix since the release. With Rock bagging $40 million for the first-ever live comedy stream, Smiths are yet to respond to the special.

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