“All about the action” – Suge Jacob Knight Reacts to Chris Rock’s Suge Smith Joke in the Latest Netflix Special ‘Selective Outrage’

“All about the action” – Suge Jacob Knight Reacts to Chris Rock’s Suge Smith Joke in the Latest Netflix Special ‘Selective Outrage’

Chris Rock’s Netflix special has been buzzing nonstop since its release. The first live comedy stream finally landed on the OTT platform on 4th March. While everyone enjoys the comedian, it was the elephant in the room that they were waiting for him to acknowledge. When he finally did so, the actor referred to the Oscar winner as Suge Smith, and many laughed; one among them was Suge Jacob Knight.

Suge Jacob Knight, the son of record executive Suge Knight, also watched the comedy special. Hearing his father’s name perked up his ears. Reacting to the mention, this is what he had to say.

How Suge Jacob Knight feels about the Will Smith part of Chris Rock’s comedy special

Suge Jacob Knight found Chris Rock’s comedy special to be funny but mostly glad for a reference to his father, Suge Knight. Things took a turn after the comedian began talking about the Will Smith Oscar incident. Instead of taking the actor’s name, he referred to him as Suge Smith, a mixture of the actor’s name with the former music executive. Speaking to TMZ, the son said, “We all know Suge Knight as that guy who’s all about that action“. He also shared how he feels good to know his father has a legendary status despite being in prison for a while.

Suge Knight was the former founder of Death Row Records, which Snoop Dogg was also a part of. The executive highlighted the Gangsta rap scene, leading to his commercial success. He is currently serving a prison sentence for being convicted in a manslaughter case. But his son feels that Knight would’ve enjoyed seeing Rock’s joke if he saw it.

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As for the Netflix special, the 2022 Oscar host did not hold back on his jokes.

Chris Rock finally spoke about the Oscar incident

Saving the best for the last, Rock touched upon Oscar’s topic to state how Smith’s angry slap was also a result of selective outrage. He wished that the actor would instead be mad at his wife Jada Pinkett Smith for cheating on him.

Chris Rock during a set
Credits: Imago

While he kept his silence since last year, he turned the topic into humongous earnings when he finally spoke up. Bagging $40 million dollars was just the cherry on top of garnering so much attention.

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What did you think of him creatively mentioning Suge Knight in Selective Outrage? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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