‘’I don’t care’’: Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How Being Deaf Cannot Keep Her From Doing What She Loves

‘’I don’t care’’: Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How Being Deaf Cannot Keep Her From Doing What She Loves

Millie Bobby Brown is not just an actress but a phenomenon in herself. At the age of twelve without any professional acting training, Millie landed herself a role in the Duffer Brother’s Stranger Things, now a Netflix trademark. She played her role so perfectly, that it was hard to imagine her not throwing monsters to the other side of the room and conveying deep sadness with her eye. Considered a child prodigy by O’Shea Jackson Jr among the many others, Brown sets the bars higher with every role that she takes on. Be it the Sherlock Holmes’ brilliant sister in Enola Holmes or Madison Russell in the Godzilla franchise, she plays her character down to the last cell.

Unlike her character in the series, the actress has many profound thoughts about life and she likes to make herself heard. What may come as a surprise to many is that she is deaf in one ear, while it is evident that this in no way affects her talent, let us find out what the actress had to say.

Millie Bobby Brown talks about being deaf

It was shocking to discover that Millie Bobby Brown is actually deaf in one ear. She had partial loss of hearing since birth, and it got worse, later on, so she can’t fully hear herself perform. But we have seen how this in no way affects Millie’s acting ability. And you will also be pleasantly surprised to hear her spitting fire as she raps. A testament to her rapping skills is when she rapped Nicky Minaj’s part from Monster without skipping a beat and then recapped the entire Season 1 of Stranger Things with a rap on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The actress said that as long as she loves something, nothing can stop her. She herself has immense confidence in her acting abilities. In fact, when she started singing a few years back, in an interview, the Enola Holmes actress said, “I don’t care” about not being able to hear herself perform because she was “doing what I love.”

The fact that she stole the show despite having a total of fewer than 250 words of dialogue in the entirety of the first season of Stranger Things is proof of the fact. Shawn Levy, the executive producer of Stranger Things talked about how Brown’s maturity at such a young age surprised him. While Levy was amazed, the actress faced difficulties because of being too mature.

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Did you know about Millie Bobby Brown’s hearing disability? Or were you dumbfound by the actress’ brilliance yet again? Let us know in the comments below!

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    August 14, 2022 at 8:59 am

    My sister was born deaf in one ear and it in no way has affected her ability. Took her longer to balance as a child, but she is 49 and unless she tells someone, NO ONE knows. She teaches Martial arts and is a black belt herself. I can honestly say she has never even thought of being deaf in one ear as a disability, it just is what it is.

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