“I can show my grandkids one day” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Opened Up About the ‘Justice League’ Mustache Memes

“I can show my grandkids one day” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Opened Up About the ‘Justice League’ Mustache Memes

The 2017 film, Justice League, was one of the biggest DC projects that made its way to our screens. The film had to go through multiple delays and production issues before finally premiering worldwide. Furthermore, the director of the film Zack Snyder left the studio midway after a demoralizing battle with Warner Bros. Due to Snyder quitting the film before completing it, Justice League had to go through some major changes under Joss Whedon’s direction. Most of Snyder’s work was discarded and Whedon commissioned a number of reshoots. However, one of the biggest upsets for the fans was the infamous removal of Henry Cavill‘s mustache.

Back in 2017, as Henry Cavill was working on the Justice League, he was simultaneously filming Mission Impossible: Fallout. While Superman’s character did not require a mustache, his contract with the Mission Impossible franchise prevented him from removing it. Although Whedon found an alternative to remove the mustache, it went terribly wrong.

The quality of CGI was poor, and a plethora of memes flooded the internet. However, instead of being upset over the terrible CGI effect, the Enola Holmes star revealed in 2018 that he was thrilled to see the audience making memes about him. The British star revealed to Yahoo, “I loved that it has. I can show my grandkids one day.”

During the interview, the interviewer talked about the memes on Cavill’s mustache flooding the internet and if he had imagined that it would happen. Cavill revealed that he initially was not expecting it to become so popular.

Meanwhile, in the film, it was clearly visible that Cavill’s upper lip was edited. Furthermore, it gave the Man Of Steel character a creepy look. And unsurprisingly, the internet reacted ruthlessly to the CGI effect. A plethora of memes flooded the internet as the audience brutally trolled the actor.

How Henry Cavill’s mustache became a hot topic back in the day

It might surprise you to know, but the CGI effect used to remove Henry Cavill’s mustache cost DC more than Dwayne Johnson’s entire salary for Black Adam. The studio had to pay a whopping $24 million to remove the mustache. Interestingly, apart from the fans, a popular franchise Lego also mocked the actor’s mustache in The Lego Movie 2. However, a few good things came out of the poor CGI as well. The actor’s look in mustache inspired a charity donation.

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