Resurfaced Hairy Henry Cavill Picture Starts Tweeting Bonaza for Fans Fainting on Him

Resurfaced Hairy Henry Cavill Picture Starts Tweeting Bonaza for Fans Fainting on Him

God really took his time with Henry Cavill. The actor looks like a replica of every Disney Prince, thanks to his dreamy looks. Cavill’s blue eyes, paired with his luscious brown locks, look like he has walked right out of a fairytale. The actor has put in tons of hard work to bulk himself up. Right from the start of his career, the Man of Steel actor has picked roles that require him to challenge himself physically.

The actor has in multiple interviews dished about the work that goes behind having one of the best bodies in all of Hollywood. And no matter how progressive and diverse we get, we all can fall prey to his top-notch looks. If you thought that fans behaved a bit dramatically, demanding Cavill’s return as Superman to the DC extended universe, then we have news for you.

What did Henry Cavill do to make a fan faint?

With his ability to make Paramount Pictures make a donation by growing out a mustache, Henry Cavill has established the fact that he can do a lot with his looks. For instance, make many fans on Twitter faint. Furthermore, many fans believe that Henry Cavill should come with a warning that says, “It’s going to get better“. If you think that his face is sculpted, then you are not ready to have a look at his ripped abs.

The actor maintains a strict diet all year round. Cavill does not just act with his mind, he incorporates his body build to be a part of the character. When Henry Cavill became The Witcher, the actor took up sword fighting and got bulkier because that is what Geralt looked like.

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The same goes for Superman. Not everyone can pull off a skintight costume that has underwear on top. While Cavill looking stellar in a costume is one fact we have already established, given the movement that he caused with his semi-retirement from DC, how he looks without is another.

Why did the Superman actor not shave his chest?

Given the fact that he is considered one of the best-built men in Hollywood, the actor does tons of shirtless photoshoots. However, this one shirtless photo saw an unwaxed Cavill. Unlike the gazillion shots we have seen of the actor with a shiny hairless chest, this one showed him in all his natural glory. The photoshoot belongs to his Superman era, which has thankfully returned.

In a famous tale from the sets of Man of Steel, the actor was asked to shave his chest, but he refused. Cavill, being the geek he is, insisted that Superman had a chair chest and cited the Death of Superman graphic novel to back his argument.

Do you remember the iconic collapsing oil ring scene from the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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