DC Spent Millions More on Henry Cavill’s Mustache Than Dwayne Johnson’s Entire Salary for ‘Black Adam’

DC Spent Millions More on Henry Cavill’s Mustache Than Dwayne Johnson’s Entire Salary for ‘Black Adam’

Over the years, multiple actors have taken up the mantle of the highest-paid actors, but none of them have held the title for as long as The Rock has. Owing to the huge star he is, Dwayne Johnson has been the highest actor for almost three consecutive years now. But it is strange to think that Henry Cavill made DC spend more than the former actor’s salary just on his mustache.

It is certainly a loss for the comic book world that the much hyped Black Adam vs Superman will never see that light of day. Black Adam was an incredibly expensive film to make, with a major budget just to cast its fantastic actors. But even the hefty price that the Rock had charged for the film did not compare to what Henry made the studio pay.

Henry Cavill made the studios pay a lot more than The Rock’s salary over just a mustache

2017 was a roller coaster of a year for DC fans. For the unversed, it was the year that Justice League reached us in the cinemas. A huge controversy surrounding the film was Zack Snyder’s dropping off the project and Joss Whedon stepping in. The change in the director’s seat resulted in re-shoots, during which Whedon was compelled to remove the mustache off of Henry’s face using CGI.

This removal alone cost Warner Bros. a staggering $24 million. According to Fandomwire, 24 million was actually more than the $22.5 that The Rock charged to be a part of Black Adam. Henry did not agree to shave the mustache as he was shooting for Mission: Impossible – Fallout at that time, sporting a beard and mustache look in the film.

The mustache has become memorable ever since

The 2017 Justice League is remembered to date for multiple reasons, one of them being the poor CGI removal of the mustache. As soon as fans saw the scene on the big screens, they were laughing uncontrollably. Even Ryan Reynolds used it in a hilarious skit for Aviation Gin. As surprising as it sounds, Cavill’s mustache look in the film inspired a charity donation with Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

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Do you remember watching the scene in theaters? What was your first reaction to it? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments below.

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