“I can beat you up” – Michelle Yeoh Jokes at The Golden Globes, While Fans Can’t Stop Praising Her for Standing Up

“I can beat you up” – Michelle Yeoh Jokes at The Golden Globes, While Fans Can’t Stop Praising Her for Standing Up

Yet another awards season is up and celebrities are rocking the stage while breaking the internet. Amongst many categories, The Witcher: Blood Origins star, Michelle Yeoh took home one of the most prestigious awards for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. She not only took the moment to feel the vibe but also broke into her The Witcher: Blood Origins character, Scían. Let us see more of this iconic moment of the actress.

Michelle Yeoh is a Malaysian actress who got famous in the 1990s after starring in a series of Hong Kong action films where she performed her own stunts. Those movies are Yes, Madam (1985), Police Story 3: Supercop (1992), and Holy Weapon (1993). The actress got international recognition for her association with the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies as well. Recently, she appeared in the Netflix Original show The Witcher: Blood Origins.

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Michelle Yeoh breaks into her action character during her acceptance speech

Receiving an award as prestigious as the Golden Globe Award takes a moment to calm one’s self down. The Malaysian actress received the award for Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture for her role in a sci-fi film, Everything Everywhere All at Once. While accepting the award, the actress turned into something else. As the music started during her speech, she asked the musician to keep his gob shut. “Shut up, please! I can beat you up, okay? And that’s serious,” said the 60-year-old actress.

This moment made the present audience laugh and won her fans’ hearts once again. While congratulating their favorite actress, the fandom showered their love. She totally earned this moment said fans.

During her speech, Yeoh admitted she had been working in the industry for 40 years and now she got this recognition. This fan appreciated her hard work and never giving up attitude.

The Will Smith – Chris Rock slap moment also resurfaced jokingly as the actress shut the pianist down.

They love their Southeast Asian Queen.

This speech made her loyal fans cry, and this user is one such example.

“Who said she was sixty?” Well, feelings are mutual, dear friend.

This loyal fan has been following the actress for a long time now.

This was definitely the “You go girl” moment for the actress.

Could she really beat the musician up? Here is your answer.

Well, while the film got positive reviews when it landed, it also got major recognition during the 80th Golden Globe Awards. Yeoh has always been the slayer of action-pack sequences in movies. Although she is 60, her passion for fighting scenes has not faded away. Hence, it is understandable why grandmotherhood has not gone down well with the actress.

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Have you watched the film yet? If not, you can stream it on Netflix, right away and share your reviews here with us.

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