Jason Bateman Once Came Over With the Entire Golden Globes Awards with Him to Jennifer Aniston’s Place

Jason Bateman Once Came Over With the Entire Golden Globes Awards with Him to Jennifer Aniston’s Place

Along with Will Arnett, the one name that has always popped up with the Ozark Mastermind, Jason Bateman, is the F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress Jennifer Aniston. The duo has been friends for decades since their childhood and still counting. Given such a deep-rooted friendship which has its foundation laid from childhood, the relationship just gets deeper with time. And that is what happened with the two amazing stars of the TV industry. Many times, the duo has been seen in public hanging around and celebrating with each other. 

Here is another adorable yet hilarious moment from the Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston friendship timeline that we can never forget. Recently, in 2021, when the crime-drenched thriller and suspense series Ozark was at an all-time high, Jason Bateman was all over the Golden Globe Awards. He had been selected for the Best Actor TV Male, for his crude humor and wildly intense cinematography as both an actor-director for the Netflix series. However, the star could not attend the award show for some unavoidable reasons. 

Jason Bateman attended the Golden Globe Awards from Jennifer Aniston’s house

Not being physically present at the event didn’t keep him from his much-deserved nomination. The fans got all mushy when they caught a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston’s story. The story spam came exactly at the time of his nomination announcement. During the live broadcast, Jason Bateman was actually sitting behind his laptop in Aniston’s place. We got to know this from her Instagram, which had a slew of supposed behind-the-scene bloopers moments prior to the commencement of the ceremony. 

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S star somewhat panned Bateman, as any paparazzi would do. She took to her Instagram stories and wrote, “Bateman came over and brought the @goldenglobes with him.” Bateman appeared for the award show virtually with his two daughters, Francesca and Maple. Bringing us more of such wholesome content, Aniston showed how she and her father made a short cameo. Not in person, but through a photo frame that was kept beside the camera. 

The actress was last seen on the big screen in her 2019 movie. In recent times, she was deeply struck by a tragedy. As news reports claimed, the star lost her father, 89, just the previous day.

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